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8th In-Country Training in Rural Women Empowerment


Target Group: Women from 25 savings groups in Luwero District

Brief Description:

The activity involved training of 25 women’s savings groups in Luwero district on Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship skills. These were selected during the baseline survey which was carried out one month prior to the training.


  • To strengthen current levels of financial awareness so as to bring about a step change, and create substantial increase in both the breadth and the reach of work
  • To ensure that there is a more comprehensive, more sustainable and more effective range of programmes than has previously been the case of unintended gaps and unnecessary overlaps.
  • To provide focus and momentum, improve coordination and help to generate active support from a full range of stakeholders. Working together within a comprehensive, inclusive and coordinated national strategic framework will enable stakeholders to build on and to extend what has been achieved so far and will help to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from the efforts of all those organizations which have an interest in improving people’s personal financial management skills.
  • To maximize the benefits which are generated by funds provided for by financial literacy initiatives.
  • To provide a panacea in improving people’s financial literacy that has continued to be piecemeal, duplicative and left important gaps with limited overall progress.

Summary of the training

The 8th In-Country Training for Rural Women Empowerment aimed at improving financial literacy for vulnerable people in rural areas of Uganda with special emphasis on women from various savings groups in Luwero District. A total of 50 participants were trained, 2 from each of the 25 savings groups

The training was highly participatory and an integration of the various training methodologies was done which ensured effective learning. Groups were given exercises and were being evaluated on a daily basis.