African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) is a Regional International Institution whose main mandate is poverty reduction through human resource capacity development.

Adjunct Research Scientist

In line with our mandate of capacity building for poverty reduction in Africa, AICAD seeks to engage international research scientists who are working in universities, institutions or industries as Adjunct Research Scientists. 

Adjunct Research Scientist Commitments 
i. The position offered to the Adjunct Research Scientist is valid for three years. The Scientist must carry out at least one specific research project during this period in cooperation with AICAD. The extension of the cooperation period is unrestricted with the agreement of the parties. 
ii. Collaboration in publishing a credible paper in a high impact journal. In all papers, scientific reports, etc., that are the result of joint projects, it is necessary to mention the address of AICAD. 
iii. Attendance of at least two weeks a year or eight weeks within the whole period of 3 years on a full-time basis at AICAD is required. 
iv. The rights of AICAD in inventions and discoveries resulting from joint projects determined by agreement of the parties (the adjunct researcher and AICAD), shall be observed.