You are currently viewing Farmers’Agricultural Show (Nanenane) 1st – 8th August 2020,  Morogoro
Some of the products displayed by Ex-trainees

Farmers’Agricultural Show (Nanenane) 1st – 8th August 2020, Morogoro

Target Group: – Ex- Trainees of various training courses, Researchers, Policy Makers and the General Public

Brief Description :-

Farmers’ Agricultural show popularly known as Nanenane is an annual event held from August 1st – 8th where farmers and other agriculture stakeholders in Tanzania share experiences and knowledge on the new developed technologies, innovative methods that better enable them especially smallholders to make agriculture competitive, profitable and sustainable business endeavor. Also, Nanenane exhibitions provides an opportunity for farmers and other participants to advertise, sell their produce. On the other hand, the exhibitions are the venue for researchers to demonstrate and disseminate new improved technologies and knowledge to the user community for enhanced agricultural productivity.  AICAD participated fully in the event aiming at improving organizational visibility and publicity. Specifically, the country office aimed at:

  • Sharing with visitors, other exhibitors and the general public on the AICAD vision, mission and its activities in Tanzania. For this year, the event was the only way AICAD Tanzania could publicize itself after the partial lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic. 
  • Informing the general public on the AICAD’s core mandate of poverty alleviation through human capacity development and strategies used by the organization to fulfill its mandate.
  • Sharing with the public key AICAD accomplishments in the area of research, training and Universities’ Outreach activities for its period of existence.
  • Expanding the net work through sharing with the current and potential collaborators relevant information about current and future AICAD activities in the EAC region and Tanzania in particular.
  • Facilitate AICAD E-trainees to showcase their products, share experiences from other exhibitors, secure markets of their products, establish contacts and network from potential customers/partners.   
  • Availing opportunities for the country office to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) by members of the public regarding activities and functions of AICAD.

Summary :-

AICAD Ex-trainees from four groups participated in Nanenane. These were WEWE organization from Dar es Salaam (Export trade Ex-trainee), Fumbo Enterprise (ICT2-VA) from Morogoro, Rice farmers from Itete irrigation scheme (ICT9-IWRM) from Malinyi District  and HKT Mama Kwanza (Under Community Empowerment Programme – CEP) from Kibaha – Coast Region.  AICAD exhibition desk was decorated with different publications from the office and different value added  products from the ex-trainees.

Despite of displaying different publications and products from the ex-trainees, AICAD –TCO explained and demonstrated on how to make Interlocking brick for Low cost hosing as a way to dissemination and transfer of technology to the public and potential users. Low Cost Housing is a result of the research project carried by the University of Dar – es salaam in 2007, funded by AICAD under the Knowledge and Technology Dissemination Programme (KTDP).     Demonstrations on how the bricks are made were carried out and   many people were interest to know the advantages of interlocking bricks as compared to conventional blocks. Some of the benefits of the technology includes: –

  • Interlocking bricks provides low cost house since their cheaper and no need of using mortar
  • Construction by using interlocking bricks is faster because there is no need to waste time mixing mortar, it just arranging the bricks.
  •  The technology promotes effective use of local materials and youth employment, and
  • The technology is environmental friendly, since there is no need for cutting trees for burning the bricks as compared to conventional soil bricks.