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ICGEB-AICAD Postdoctoral Fellowships

To Apply

Applicants should contact the ICGEB Group Leader/PI of their choice with a motivation letter, to determine availability of laboratory space and to define the research project proposal that will form an integral part of the application.

Please note that the written statement from the ICGEB Group Leader you have contacted and who is willing to support your project is mandatory to apply.

With the support of the African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD), the ICGEB offers short-term postdoctoral fellowships of a duration of 6 months to scientists from Kenya, United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda to perform research work on biotechnology and related fields.

Financial support

Duration: 1-6 months Monthly stipend: Trieste (Italy): Euro 2,300, New Delhi (India): US$ 1,590, Cape Town (South Africa): ZAR 25,000. Travel: the fellowship includes provision for travel expenses from the participant’s home country to the ICGEB lab at the beginning of the fellowship and a return travel provision upon completion of the fellowship. Medical health insurance coverage is provided for the duration of the fellowship. Visa/permit of stay application and renewal costs are reimbursed. ICGEB makes no financial provision, nor can it provide administrative support for family members of participants in the programme.

Special conditions apply for the ICGEB-AICAD Postdoctoral Fellowships.


The ICGEB Fellowships Selection Committee will evaluate complete applications received by the closing date. The candidates will be notified of the outcome by e-mail as soon as possible following the closing date for applications. The main criteria for selection include the scientific excellence of the project, the qualities of the candidate’s CV and the potential benefit for the home country.


Applicants must be nationals of an ICGEB Member State and may not apply for fellowships to be undertaken in their country of origin, unless they have been working abroad for, at least, the last 3 years and at the time of application.

Degree requirements: applicants should hold a recent PhD in Life Sciences or have at least 3 years research experience. Preference is given to candidates below the age of 35. Special conditions apply for the ICGEB-AICAD Postdoctoral Fellowships.

Documents to be uploaded

Please note that you will be requested to upload the following documents (pdf files):
(i) Your full CV
(ii) Written Statement from the ICGEB Group Leader
(iii) A valid identification document (passport or identity card). Recommended passport validity should be 12 months at least.
(iv) English Certificate (TOEFL, Cambridge or similar). This document is not requested when scholastic education has been undertaken in English.


ICGEB Trieste: There is no housing service or accommodation facility. Fellows are provided with a list of possible contacts that offer housing options in Trieste.

ICGEB New Delhi: A Guest House is run on campus, on a twin-share basis, for a nominal rate. ICGEB Cape Town: Accommodation support is provided to fellows. Arrangements are agreed prior to arrival.


Please complete this application online.
Only one application per call is accepted for each candidate.