Dr. John Njagi, CPAK, CPSK

Administration and Finance Director, AICAD

Personal Profile

Dr. Njagi is a financial management specialist in the field of Finance and Taxation with experiences spanning for more than twenty (20) years out of which more than ten (10) years have been spent in senior management positions. He started his career as an external auditor with the office of Auditor General (corporations) with the responsibilities of overseeing financial management and procurement systems of various corporations in Government of Kenya.

He was part of the team that undertook public financial management reforms in local governments focusing on modeling of financial management systems of various local authorities in Kenya . With enactment of water act 2002 Dr. Njagi took a leading role in the commercialization of water services in Kenya as a corporate management team member in one of the leading water service provider in Kenya (EWASCO) . The commercialization of water services brought in sweeping changes in the management of water services in Kenya and has been hailed as one of best practices model in public service delivery initiated by NARC government. Later on in his career he joined a World Bank project STATCAP, which was financing statistical modelling of data in the key sectors of Kenyan economy. He also undertook assignments in the policy planning aspects in the management country’s population for sustainable development.