Prof. Bendantunguka Tiisekwa

TCO Country Director.


The African Institute for Capacity Development Tanzania Country Office (AICAD-TCO) was established in 2000 and registered legally by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in 2011 after AICAD signed the agreement of establishment the Country Office on 29th November with the government of Tanzania, to carry out its activities in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. AICAD – TCO has also been inserted in the third schedule of the Diplomatic and Consular Immunities and Privileges Act.

 AICAD – TCO is responsible for the implementation of Country- Specific activities and programmes geared towards poverty alleviation. It is headed by Prof. Bendantunguka Tiisekwa. TCO is located at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) within the compound of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


TCO is mandated to identify, plan, implement and coordinate activities and programmes aiming at reducing poverty in Tanzania by developing capacity of people to solve their problems, through: –

  • Utilizing existing knowledge and technology;
  • Creating new technologies suitable for local conditions;
  • Developing and utilizing the potential capacity of local expertise;
  • Building a bridge between institutions creating technology and the communities using it;
  • Exchanging information, experience and practices;
  • Sharing human resource development information in Tanzania and beyond; and
  • Creating solutions to the country problems for society development.

AICAD – TCO  has carried out many activities under Training and Extension (T&E), Research and Development (R&D)  and Information Networking, Documentation and Marketing (IND&M) divisions.

To date, AICAD – TCO has conducted many activities including 27 In-country trainings, 11 Grassroot trainings, forty-three (43) research projects have been implemented in five (5) Public Universities of Sokoine University of Agriculture, University of Dar es Salaam, Mzumbe University, Open University of Tanzania and State University of Zanzibar. Since its inception, AICAD – TCO has been participating in a yearly farmers’ Agricultural Show (Nanenane). Since its AICAD has been supporting a women group since 2011 – HKT Mama Kwanza in Kibaha Coat region under Community Empowerment Programme (CEP). AICAD-TCO has also constructed a Low cost house at Nanenane Agricultural ground to demonstrated and disseminate Low Cost Housing technology using Interlocking bricks.


Target Group: – Ex- Trainees of various training courses, Researchers, Policy Makers and the General Public Brief Description :- Farmers’ Agricultural show popularly

Target Group: –         The technical training course brought together Senior Planners from Public Universities and other technical officers involved in Formulation, Implementation

Target Group: –  Thirty (30) Smallholder farmers from 3 Irrigation Schemes of Dakawa,  Itete and Mvumi Brief Description: –  The training aimed



P.O. Box  3054, SUA – Morogoro  TANZANIA

Email:   tco@aicad.or.ke                      

Phone number: +255 754 476 410/  + 255 754 375 356

Contact persons: Prof. Bendantunguka Tiisekwa (tiisekwa@aicad.or.ke)

Location: SUA main Campus (within the compound of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences)