Community Empowerment Programme Concept

About The Division

AICAD’s Training and Extension Division offers short courses to tackle socio-economic issues. They include regional, in-country, and grassroots training. These courses aim to improve skills and attitudes for community service, address specific needs like agriculture and health, and promote on-site learning. Notable impacts include increased awareness of value addition, improved agricultural practices, and enhanced business management skills. The Community Empowerment Programme focuses on community needs, participatory management, technical support, stakeholder collaboration, self-reliance, and empowerment for socio-economic development.


Regional Training Courses

These generally target officers who provide services to their communities, and who are in a position to use experiences of the training to inform the wider public.

• Provide a forum where officers within the African region can share experiences and explore solutions to similar problems.
• Equip officers with knowledge and skills for improving their practice.
• Provide a foundation for attitude change.
• Build capacities that will be used to benefit their home communities.
• Provide a forum for comparing current and best practice

In-Country Training Courses

• Designed to address various specific community needs. These needs are identified from broad themes and include for example improved agricultural production, value addition, enterprise development, health and sanitation etc.
• Participants to the courses are identified through the involvement of communities they come from and are involved in various sectors e.g. farmers, traders, women.

Grassroots Training Courses

These are a second version of the in-country courses that are normally carried out on-site, that is where participants live. They deal with smaller and specific aspects of courses and themes carried out at AICAD central venues.

Courses currently running

• Irrigation and Water Resources Management
• Enterprise Development
• Value Addition
• Rural Women Empowerment
• Grassroots Training
• Export Trade of Commercial Craft