About The Department

It is the Training and Extension (T&E) Division that is charged with the responsibility of implementing AICAD’S training programmes. These relate to:

a) Universities’ Outreach Activities

b) Community Empowerment Programme

c) Training courses

The training arm of T&E division is concerned with three main levels of courses.

These are:

  1. Regional training courses: the courses draw participants from the East African and African region at large.
  2. In-country training courses: they are conducted within a member country and focus on specific community needs of the target community in that country. Participants include farmers, traders and women. The focus is on value addition, improved agricultural production, health, and sanitation and enterprise development.

3. Grassroots training courses: these are training programmes carried on site in the areas the participants live. They relate to various themes that include:

  • Irrigation and water resource management
  • Enterprise development
  • Value addition
  • Rural women empowerment
  • Export of commercial crafts